• Job Definition Creation
  • Job Fit/Gap Analysis
  • Selection and Hiring
  • Onboarding



  • Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Team Building



  • Sales Performance and Coaching
  • Benchmarking and Diagnosis
  • Influence and Productivity
  • Leadership for Rapid Growth



  • Culture Shift
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Communication and Retention

Our New Book

  • Hire without the worry of mismatched expectations
  • Apply practical analytics tools to the hiring process
  • Build the right team and avoid disconnected or dissatisfied workers
  • Stop seeing candidates as “chances,” and start seeing them as opportunities

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Sample Chapter of Predicting Success by David Lahey

"David Lahey is the right expert with the right book at the right moment for them. Lahey can save you money, time, energy, and embarrassment if you simply heed his wise advice on how to pick winners. He manages to produce the trifecta every time: the right person, the right job, the right timing. That’s a consistent first place finish."
Alan Weiss, PhD, award-winning author of 55 books including Million Dollar Consulting

“David Lahey’s book Predicting Success is a must read on using workforce analytics in business. Predicting Success gives the reader a new, unique, road map on your critical connections.”
Dr. Shawna O’Grady, Queens University School of Business

“David Lahey has helped leaders who run business across North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific to hire and manage talent. His insightful perspective is uniquely captured in his new book. Predicting Success is a must read for leaders who seek the next level of excellence.”
Dan Bloch, MBA, Vice President, Oracle Financial Services North America/Canada Enterprise

What our client's say about Predictive Success

  • Testimonial from GFS - Predictive Success, Canadian Licensee of the Predictive Index “For us it’s all about hiring the right candidates, and I know that when I couple the PI® and the PLI® together, it helps me understand the candidate that I am trying to hire”.  
    Nancy Watt, Gordon Food Services, Sales Training Manager
  • Salesforce.com testimonial for Predictive Success Hey Dave, just wanted to say thanks to you and your team for doing a great job with my teams. We have been through it many times, and every time you guys execute on this very important task. I do not take that partnership for granted and greatly appreciate it - even if I do not slow to say thanks while it is all going on.  Greatly appreciated, and job well done (again)."
    Michael Weening, SVP Salesforce.com
  • Travel Brand gives a testimonial on using Predictive Index “I use PI® as a recruitment and coaching tool. I have had many managers comment on how PI has helped them better understand their employees and be able to coach them on a more personal level. I think PI is one of the most fascinating tools available to organizations since the root of all misunderstandings is not understanding why someone responds or behaves the way they do, and PI takes the guess work out and lets us focus directly on the issues.
    Loretta Colbeck, CHRP, Human Resources Generalist
  • Testimonial for PI from SAP AG, Inc.“PI® is used extensively in Inside Sales during the recruiting phase to ensure the candidates have the DNA to be successful in their roles at SAP. Post-recruiting, one of the hidden values for Inside Sales centers around leadership and employee alignment. PI is used during organizational builds to align the staff with their prospective leaders based on PI profiles, so that we get the best leadership alignment for our teams.”
    Shawn Robertson, Global Vice President, Global Inside Sales – Optimization and Innovation SAP AG, Inc.
  • Testimonial Dept. of Physiology and Medicine, Faculty of Medicine. University of Toronto "To be candid, when we first heard about this we were a little skeptical, but it is amazingly accurate and has credible predicting powers”. “We look to PI to evaluate and look for high performers in our research candidates, lab technicians and for roles in our post doctorate program in my group here at the U of T Medical School”.
    Peter Backx, PHD, Dept. of Physiology and Medicine, Faculty of Medicine. University of Toronto
  • Testimonial for PI from SAP AG, Inc.“North America hiring managers are using PI® to recruit sales talent — both tenured and Early Talent — to compare candidates against the desired ‘Challenger’ selling profile. PI results are used to support sales managers and their teams, to increase collaboration and understanding among the team, provide highly targeted and more effective coaching and support, and to enable more data-driven succession planning.”
    Rebecca Sherrill, Vice President GCO University North America SAP America, Inc.
  • Town Shoes client of Predictive Successgreat two day session, did not fully appreciate the power of the PI tool…5/5
    Bruce Dinan, President and CEO, Town Shoes
  • Subway LogoSince implementing the Predictive Index® our turnover has reduced from 70% to as low as 32%, saving over $15,000 a year in training costs alone.
    Harold Jackson SUBWAY, Franchisee Owner
  • Unicef Logo - Predictive Success TestimonilasPredictive Index® is a tool I believe in which has allowed me to be more strategic as a recruiter, coach, and someone who delivers a lot of difficult messages. A million thanks
    Susan Chatland UNICEF Canada, Human Resources Manager
  • Toromont Logo - Predictive Success TestimonialPredictive Index® has become well leveraged throughout our organization over the years and remains one of our valued recruitment and talent management resources. Talent decisions and discussions with our leaders have become much deeper and effective as we discuss our talent relative to PI® amidst our recruitment, performance, career planning, development and overall talent review processes.
    Deborah Bugeja, Talent Manager, Toromont, Director of Human Resources
  • thermo-king-transport-logo-T-2The PI® shows our recruiters the traits that they could never get out of an interview!
    Greg Gardner Thermo King Western Inc, President
  • Services Master Logo - Testimonial Predictive SuccessThe PI® was a great eye opener for me. I had no experience in ‘people management’ at the time. The Predictive Index® is the one tool that lets you understand what you’re getting into from the beginning so you have a much better chance of succeeding. It dramatically changed the way we did business.
    Ian England ServiceMaster, Vice President of Operations
  • Microsoft Logo - Predictive Success TestimonialSince we started using the Predictive Index®, we saw a revenue increase of 16% per year from $500 million to $750 million. The Predictive Index really did help.
    Randy Lenaghan Microsoft Canada, VP Enterprise Sales
  • Security State Bank Texas logo Predictive Success TestimonialWithout PI® I don’t think we could have put together this exceptional team of people.
    Jim Smitherman Security State Bank Texas, President
  • Twincraft Soap - Predictive Success TestimonialI wanted to formally say a big thanks to you. The training you did with us last Thursday and Friday was truly superior. All my team are talking about it and very appreciative for the counseling and training, and the empathetic, enjoyable manner in which you taught them. All in all, a truly excellent two days.
    Peter Asch Twincraft Soap, President/CEO
  • Flynn Logo Predictive Success TestimonialPI® has been a great foundational tool for building Flynn’s HR function. It has added valuable insight as well as structure to our hiring process. We promote from within the organization, and PI is a very good indicator of an employee’s potential for success in a future role or leadership position.
    Gerard Montocchio Flynn Canada, Vice President of HR
  • Bell Logo - Predictive Success TestimonialWith the use of CFS and Selling Skills Assessment Tool in our first year, we had a 6% increase in sales proficiency. For the first time in the business, we’ve actually put a number, data, and dashboard to our training program.
    Michael Weening-Bell Mobility, VP Business Wireless and Consumer Direct Sales
  • Thunder Bay Regional Health Logo - Predictive Success testimonialOur Leadership Development will be the key to our success in the years to come. Using tools such as PI® will assist in giving focus as to where to put our limited resources and, on an individual level, how to identify development potential.
    Don Halpert Thunder Bay Regional Hospital, Chief Human Resources Officer

5 Reasons to work with us

  • Global Expertise.

    As a member firm with PI Worldwide, we are a part of a global network of over 400 associates. With 60 years of experience and a 90% client retention rate, our team at Predictive Success is comprised of dedicated and recognized experts in management consulting. Our research and development team sets industry standards for talent acquisition, talent development, change management, and growth strategy.
  • Big Data Technology.

    Our science-based assessments are the foundation of our methodology. Our assessments, some being the first scientifically-validated of its kind, measure critical dimensions of behaviours and skills in the workplace. In 2013 alone, we administered over 2 million Predictive Index® surveys.
  • Flexible and Cost-Effective.

    Many of our assessments are based on simple annual subscriptions. You enjoy unlimited use of the assessment, regardless of the number of candidates or employees, without the complexity of cost-per-click models.
  • Applicable for all companies.

    All of our solutions add value regardless of industry or company size. Our clients range from large multinational corporations to midsize companies to small start-ups.
  • Practical for your organization.

    All assessments are easy to administer and take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Results are presented in a visual format and include a written report, allowing for immediate interpretation of results.

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